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Minister of Education Visits Migdal Ohr

The Israeli Minister of Education Mr. Gideon Sa’ar, honored Migdal Ohr by visiting our educational institutions on the 8th of March. He toured the main campus, and was presented with a performance by the ‘Boys Ohr’ choir.


When he left, he wrote these kind words in the Migdal Ohr guest book:



To my respected friend,

Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman


You have merited establishing an unparalleled life work, unparalleled in the love of Israel, in the saving of lives, in illuminating the truthful path for the children, in acts of kindness and true love

I was very impressed by your actions and personality – it is immense. 

I wish you from the depths of my heart that you may continue in your successful educational endeavors for the benefit of our nation and the future.   


                       With much respect and love,

                                            Gideon Sa’ar

                                     Minister of Education