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Orphan Program

Gesher Perach - Orphan Program

This project was made for orphans ages 7-14 from the C.I.S. who grew up in orphanages there in inhumane conditions. Through the Gesher Perach program these unfortunate children are getting a new lease on life. Due to their abused past, they cannot be placed in the regular Migdal Ohr dormitories but, rather, need their own private residence with specially trained families who "adopt" them and give them the family life they never were privileged to have. A staff of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers deals with them on a regular basis. Although they study in the regular Migdal Ohr schools, they have many extra-curricular activities, including trips and sports, to help heal their wounds and bring previously unknown joy into their lives. Their progress has been phenomenal and many of them have already been integrated into the regular Migdal Ohr mainstream school body.