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Yom HaZikaron – Israel Memorial Day, Midreshet HaGalil

Yom HazikaronApril 28, 2009 

Students at Migdal Ohr's Midreshet HaGalil High School for Boys took part in a ceremony this morning, honoring Israels National Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism. The day is observed each year on the 4th day of the month of Iyar of the Hebrew calendar. The ceremony organized by staff and students at the school began with the lowering of the Israel's national flag to half-mast, followed by the lighting of a flame in memory of the 22,570 fallen soldiers and civilians.  Traditional Jewish texts like "El Ma'ale Rachamim" – "G-d full of mercy", and various psalms where read by students as well as short excerpts relating to the day and its importance. A moving declaration uniting students, teachers and staff together in remembering three fallen students from the school, was read out followed by a moving rendition of a famous Israeli song performed the school band and it's lead vocalist as a tribute to these fine young men.  The declaration stated, "We students, teachers and staff remember together graduates of our school who were killed serving G-d, the nation and the land. Andre Isaac Kagles, was killed by a suicide bomber at the Karni check-post at the Gaza strip; Alexander Jacob Maneivitz, was run down and killed by a terrorist on his way to his army base; and Amatzia Nissenovitz had completed his service in a combat unit and was killed at the Ariel junction by a suicide bomber." "These young bright souls were so far from death. So much alive. We stand here today finding it difficult to grasp the power of how quickly a life can disappear. Yet we know, that although they may not be physically with us, their souls will continue to live, to exist and be engraved forever in our hearts".

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