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The power of love and diligence

Rabbi Grossman tells a story of his first days at Migdal Ohr, when he would teach special evening classes to the children of Migdal Ha'Emek. One night, in the middle of one of the sessions, a hand full of gravel was thrown at the window of the room in which he was teaching. This occurrence repeated itself every evening during the coming days. Rabbi Grossman would run outside to see a young man speed away on his bicycle. He was resolved to meet this young man, and therefore, chased the young man the next evening, calling towards him: "I don’t want to hurt you, I love you, I wont do to you a thing, I just want to talk to you". Apparently, Rabbi Grossman's soft tone of voice had its affect, and the bicycler stopped his flight and approached Rabbi Grossman with his head bowed. They sat on the curb, and Rabbi Grossman asked him what was on his mind. The youngster did not answer. Rabbi Grossman asked him to show him where he lives, promising not to tell his parents about the incident.

"I was shocked, and my heart started beating rapidly", Rabbi Grossman remembers, "The house was completely covered in a dark film. The father was a coal worker, working from home. It also seemed that this occupation was not enough to support the family. I spoke to the father and convinced him to allow me to send his son to a Yeshiva".

Rabbi Grossman took the youth to a yeshiva, but the young man could not stay at the school for more then a few days at a time before running away. This pattern repeated itself in several other schools that he tried attending. Rabbi Grossman was at loss, and went to seek advice from leading Rabbis. Their advice was that there should be no limit to Rabbi Grossman's efforts to bring the adolescent back to school. After prolonged searching, they finally found a school where relatives of the boy could take him in.

He came back the next summer for a visit, and had miraculously changed immeasurably. Rabbi Grossman met him and was deeply moved by the change, realizing that his efforts and diligence have paid off.

Today, he is a leading educational figure.