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An understanding of love

Back in 1972, when Rabbi Grossman had initiated his special program for rehabilitating convicts, he held a Chanukah party with the prisoners. During the course of the celebration Rabbi Grossman approached one of participants and kissed him. A week later he received a post card from the man with the words: "I am the prisoner whom you kissed last week. I would like you to know that since I have been born, this is the first time I have ever felt that someone has really loved me". Rabbi Grossman was so touched by the note, realizing that there are people who have never received love. He came to the conclusion that if we took good care of these people and showed them love, embracing them in warmth and sentiment; they could grow to become people we could all be proud of.

This understanding of Rabbi Grossman's led him to the idea of establishing Migdal Ohr, a place where children would receive a warm home, love and an education. That became his dream.