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New Immigrants


From Ethiopia


Following the miraculous Operation Solomon in 1991, the Government of Israel approached Rabbi Grossman to create a special program for the newly arrived girls from Ethiopia.  These government officials knew that it was only the special care that Rabbi Grossman provides to his students that could help acclimate them to live in their homeland.  To meet this important need a new school was opened in Afula.
The girls from the first classes of Ethiopian students have since adjusted and are part of Israeli society. 



From The C.I.S.

When the Iron Curtain fell, in 1991, Rabbi Grossman was one of the first to come to meet the needs the liberated Soviet Jewry. Technological High Schools were established in both Moscow and Petersburg. Jewish boys and girls were introduced to their Jewish Heritage, many for the first time. Since then has Migdal Ohr accepted over 3000 students in its socio-educational programs.  Such programs include Midreshet HaGalil, Yad Chana, The Machshava School and Ulpana HaGalil.
The Ministry of Education reported that the success rate of Russian students in Migdal Ohr is significantly higher than in all other schools in the State of Israel.

From Yemen

1994 saw a large Aliyah from Yemen.  The dedication to their traditions that have survived for generations was a unique challenge for our institution. Migdal Ohr brought in a special staff which would be sensitive these traditions and their unique culture to create a learning environment that would best suit these students.