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The Migdal Ohr Girls Elementary School and Dormitories

The Migdal Ohr Girls Elementary School is a well renowned school due to the exceptional and excellent activities taking place both in and out of the class room.  Over 400 students are educated from the age of 6 and until high school. Most of the girls come from disadvantaged backgrounds, in some cases orphans or children from single parent families. The girls are residents of Migdal Ha'Emek and its environs, or live in the Migdal Ohr Foster Village.

The school has set its goal to become a highly professional educational institution, providing various educational opportunities, run by a qualified and professional staff in the warm and caring environment that has made Migdal Ohr so extraordinary.

The result is a unique school and dorm which offers individual and personal support by a caring and professional staff, tailored to the needs of each student based on her background and special requirements.  All this joined together with the highest level of education in Jewish and general subjects, given by the best teachers.  Classes are intentionally kept small, with a maximum 20 students per class. Personal tutoring is provided, together with a rich cultural programming including: dance, music, and numerous social activities. Their studies are rounded out with an emphasis put on Jewish and national values. A fabulous Bat Mitzvah celebration is held in honor of each girl, cementing the family aspect of the school.



"When I went home for vacation, I heard my Mom tell a neighbor: 'You won't believe how much Rachel has improved! She doesn't talk back, doesn't shout. A real mensch' What more do I need?"

(A fifth grader)