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Governor of the Bank of Israel Stanley Fisher Visits Migdal Ohr

Stanley Fisher, Governor of the Bank of Israel, and his wife visited the Migdal Ohr campuses this past Monday, June 6th 2012. Mr. Fisher was invited by Rabbi Grossman to witness Migdal Ohr's achievements. During his visit, he was presented with a hand crafted Mezuza, made by a student at Migdal Ohr.



During his visit he stated: "As a citizen, I thank you for your important work. Thank you for your invitation, thanks you for your work".     

At the conclusion of his visit, he wrote in the Migdal Ohr guest book the following inscription:

To Rabbi Grossman and all those who work here and contribute to this endeavor, 

We have heard many good things about what happens here in Migdal Ha'Emek, but the reality surpasses what was described to us. Your work here is real holy work – it is important for each individual that you help and of great significance for the future of Israel as well.

Thanks you very much, and good luck in the future,

All the best

Stanley Fisher

Governor of the Bank of Israel