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In Honor & in Memory of A Fallen Soldier

A new Sefer Torah was entered this past Monday, January 31st, into Migdal Ohr’s Midreshet Hagalil High School for students from the Former Soviet Union. The Sefer Torah was dedicated in memory of Corporal Alexander (Yaakov) Manevitz Z”L, a Migdal Ohr alumnus who was murdered in a terrorist attack. 

Alexander was born in Russia in 1982. In 1995, at the age of thirteen, he immigrated to Israel. His family settled in the northern town of Ma’alot, where he started to attend the local school. Alexander was not happy there, and decided to enroll at Midreshet Hagalil. He came to enjoy immensely his friends at the dorms, the schooling and the faculty. He was very much attracted to the classes on database management and computerized graphics, for which the school is known.

Alex was an only child, very much attached to his mother and grandmother, whom he lived with. “He was the man in the family” one of his aunts said. He would care for all their home’s needs, helped them with the language barriers and translation from Hebrew to Russian.


Alex joined the IDF in November 2000 and was assigned to the armaments corps. He had aspirations to become an officer and a career soldier. His desire to contribute and his determination to integrate and become part of the system were immense, and he soon became to be known as a dependable soldier and a dedicated friend. Alex had further plans to study at a university, while having his mother’s welfare constantly in him mind.

Alex did not have a chance to realize his dreams and aspirations.

On February 2, 2001, Alex was murdered by an Arab terrorist who drove a bus into a bus stop packed with soldiers waiting to go home. Six other soldiers and a civilian where murdered as well, scores where wounded. Alex was eighteen at his death. 

Migdal Ohr felt that a fitting way to honor Alex’s memory was by dedicating a Sefer Torah in his memory and entering it into the school where he enjoyed so many days of learning, friendship and growth in a warm and caring environment.

Alex's Family and friends came to honor his memory at the ceremony.