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IDF Calls on Rabbi Grossman to Bridge the Gaps

As part of the Israel Defense Forces’ on going efforts to prepare the general public for the event of an attack from one of Israel’s many enemies, a new video presentation has been prepared especially for the segments of society who choose not to have in their homes televisions or standard internet connections.  The major of such people would classify themselves as ultra-orthodox, adhering to a stricter view of Jewish tradition.  While this particular life style may be laudable on many levels, there is a limitation of methods in which warning maybe sent to them in times of danger.  

Unfortunately, crossing communal boundaries is all too often a problem in Israel.   Very few leaders and figures in Israel today, and through out Jewish history have had the mutual respect of so many different segments of society, one such individual is Migdal Ohr’s founder and dean Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman.  Rabbi Grossman, who is on constant vigil for the opportunity to participate in the saving of lives, met with top commanders from the Home Front Command as well as other leading Rabbis to work for mutual cooperation in this important endeavor.