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Yad Lerav

Yad Lerav

As one of Israel's leading community Rabbis, and as a prestigious member of the Chief Rabbinate Council, Rabbi Grossman believed that with some help the local city rabbis could do much more for their communities. In order to accomplish this task, Rabbi Grossman took it upon himself to help sponsor assistants for rabbis who aspire to expand their activities but are limited by their many responsibilities. He appointed Rabbi Chaim Biton to head and supervise this special program.

Currently, 30 rabbis around Israel, ranging from Kiriyat Shemona in the North to Eilat in the South, have a total of close to 100 assistants through the Yad Lerav project. They provide assistance in the following areas:

" Lectures to the local community " Preparation for Bar and Bat Mitzvah " Kashering of kitchens " Religious services

The project strives to develop Israel's outlying cities, spiritually and educationally, in the same way as Rabbi Grossman developed Migdal Ha'Emek.