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Special Mayumana Group Music Education

This week saw the beginning of a new and exciting program at Migdal Ohr.  Thanks to a series of generous gifts, many of our campuses will now be vibrating with the sounds of new innovation in music education.                                                                                               

The focal point of this endeavor is the encouragement and development of the children’s creative capabilities and their joy of life through rhythm, movement and self expression.


The Mayumana Foundation for Creative Education was established in 2008. The Foundation performs to the general public and treats the emotionally and physically disabled, youth at risk and others, using tools such as rhythm, movement, singing and acting in order to improve their quality of life. The Mayumana promotes social and educational projects for various sectors of the population, aiming to enrich and rehabilitate the weaker sections of the community.

The Foundation was initiated by The Mayumana Group alongside with professionals in education, culture, social work and communication, as well as volunteers from the public and private sectors. They brought along their personal and professional experience, with the hope of helping to fulfill this vision.

Following many years of creative activity, the Mayumana Group has begun spreading and expanding into new areas, including the social, therapeutic and educational fields. The Foundation was established out of true and deep desire to reach out and touch others through creativity.

The unique art of Mayumana has been developed over the last decade by way of thousands of performances, hundreds of workshops and countless master classes around the world. The Mayumana language is able to communicate with everyone regardless of age, gender, language, personality, or occupation. The encounter with Mayumana’s unique artistic tools, mainly music, rhythm, movement and acting, allows every person the opportunity for self-expression, the realization of creative potential, the ability to face and overcome physical or mental limitations and the development of personal and social abilities. Experiencing Mayumana’s therapeutic language enables rehabilitation and encourages various groups in the community.


Mayumana will be holding a series of special workshops over the coming months, 80 children will participate in them. The workshops will culminate with in a unique performance by the students of Migdal Ohr.