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Deputy Prime Minister Visits Migdal Ohr

Deputy Prime Minister of Israel, Minister of the Development of the Negev and Galil and Minister of Regional Cooperation, Mr. Silvan Shalom, paid a visit to Migdal Ohr this week (9/1/10), touring the campuses and experiencing the special atmosphere at the schools as they opened the school year and  prepared for the upcoming Jewish New Year.

 Before he returned to his various responsibilities he left this inscription in the Migdal Ohr

Guest book:

 The nation must express its gratitude for the wonderful endeavors you have undertaken.

Saving children’s lives is an immense Mitzvah and it enables to further save entire families.

You have established here a glorious enterprise which provides a perfect social response to the complex hardships which some of the people endure.

May you succeed in all your ways,


                                                                                                         Best Wishes,

Silvan Shalom

Deputy Prime Minister