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Chabek Yeled - Hug A Child

I wanted to introduce you to Asaf.

Asaf is that “one out of three” children in Israel who live beneath the poverty level.

He is only ten years old, but his life story would not be envied even by an adult. Born in southern Israel, the first son after four daughters, Asaf has never met his father who left his mother before he was born.

Asaf's mother, who worked as a house keeper in order to support her children, became gravely ill when he was only eight years old, and he was forced to work as a delivery boy at the market so he could help support the family.

After Asaf's mother passed away he joined us at Migdal Ohr in Migdal Ha'Emek. Here he found a warm home, together with thousands of other children who have unfortunately fallen through the cracks of Israeli society.

We strive to give Asaf what he is so desperately missing, a family – we are his father and mother, educators and councilors, advisers and friends. We provide for all his needs, spiritual and physical, with love from all our heart. Love and warmth are crucial, but are not enough. To enable Asaf and his friends to benefit from a roof over their heads, hot meals, clothing, enrichment activities, education, culture and health care that all children deserve, much assistance is required.

You have the ability to help Asaf. You can be his ray of light, his hope, his miracle. For this purpose we have established this special fund, which enables you to care for children like Asaf in a personal way; to embrace them with warmth, even if from a distance.

Your gift is a personal one, which has a name and a face, a body and a soul. This soul, which if saved, is like saving an entire world.

I thank you in advance for your partnership in this great endeavor.  Together we will save lives and ensure a bright future of so many.

                                 Best wishes for a happy new year,

                                     Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman

To help save the lives of thousands of children in Israel, Please click here