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Migdal Ohr Remembers the 6 Million

Migdal Ohr students commemorate the six millionAt 9:55am on April 21, 2009, 150 girls from Migdal Ohr's Ulpanat HaGalil, gathered in the schools multi-purpose room to commemorate YomHashoa - Holocaust Remembrance Day. The darkened room together with the stage set with six candles and a large backdrop with the words taken from the bible "...and behold the bush burns, however it is not consumed" created a solemn and respectful atmosphere. The school principal began by reciting psalms in memory of the 6,000,000 Jewish souls murdered by the Nazis. As he concluded precisely at 10:00am, the piercing sound of the two minute memorial siren sounded. Students stood with their heads bowed, many with eyes closed contemplating the horrific events that took place over 60 years ago.


The ceremony officially began with the traditional lighting of six candles by school staff and students, while somber music played in the background. Students acted out a short scene of a boy asking his mother for simple items that due to the circumstances, she regretfully cannot provide him. A moving song performed by four students and accompanied by violin and piano related to the tragic events from the eyes of the children. Students who had participated in the March of the Living in Poland last year, compiled a touching slide show of their trip, comparing communities before and after the Holocaust. Five National Service girls who have been working at the school throughout the year, presented five stories relating to miracles witnessed throughout the Holocaust even as they were on their way to the death camps. As the ceremony came to an end the students stood and sang "Ani Ma'amin"- "I believe in complete faith, that the Messiah will come", followed fittingly by the Israeli National Anthem - "Hatikvah", a song of hope that we will be a free nation in our own land, something that many of those who perished in the Holocaust could only dream about.



Yom HaZikaron – Israel Memorial Day, Midreshet HaGalil
Pictures of Migdal Ohr Feeding Israel's needy
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